Resources Mechanism Guide Synchro-Tilt
  1. Tension Control Knob allows for greater spring tension control for a firmer or softer tilting motion. Turn counterclockwise to increase tension, clockwise to decrease tension.
  2. Seat Height adjustment easily raises or lowers seat to desired height. To raise, simply lift weight off seat and pull upward on lever until seat reaches a comfortable height. To lower, lift upward on lever while seated and release to lock seat into desired position.
  3. Multi-Position Tilt Lock lever secures seat into multiple tilt positions or allows seat to free float. To secure chair at a particular tilting angle, adjust chair to desired position, then push lever backward to lock into place. To release, pull lever forward, then lean into chair back. This mechanism also includes an anti-kick feature that prevents chair back from jolting forward when Tilt Lock is released.
  4. Optional seat slider adjustment provides 2½" front and back horizontal seat depth adjustment. To operate, lift up on adjustment bar and move seat forward or backward until desired depth is achieved. Release bar and seat will lock into position.