Case Study Red Bull North America
Make A Wish

In 2016, Red Bull North America expanded their footprint in Santa Monica to include 2700 Pennsylvania Avenue, a 28,000 sq. ft. creative open-plan space previously occupied by Jessica Alba’s retail company, Honest Co.

The project, which is in walking distance from Red Bull’s two other buildings, is now home to the brand’s marketing and creative teams. Similar to the other spaces, the design focus included full integration of the building’s original character which includes exposed red brick, sky lights, exposed structural beams and bracing as well as existing garage doors and large grid windows.

Make A Wish

Colorful and edgy, every aspect of the space reflects the brand’s dynamic culture, from the artistic larger-than-life murals, display of iconic motor sport bikes, a Mini Cooper, and the vibrant full bar and work lounges that are utilized for employee events as well as for product launches and mixology events.

Red Bull has always been on the cutting edge of investing in emerging locations and trendy destinations, and now others are following suit in the area – a real estate resurgence is taking place with new developments on the rise, including the upcoming build-out for Awesomeness TV.

Design Firm: Gensler
Project Teams: Systems Source, Howard Building Co., SAW & Associates
Images Courtesy of Alyssa Lavine Photography